A' La Carte Menu




Pan fried scallops with a Japanese aromatic broth, seaweed, green tea noodles and granny smith apple finished with a sesame seed cigar. (gf option available)

£10.95 -


White crab meat with a chilled oyster veloute, crispy tuille, tomato oil and a basil and fennel salad.

£10.95 -


Potted Atlantic salmon with lemon cream, watercress, dill sorbet, squid flat bread and soft herbs. (gf option available)

£8.95 -


Home citrus cured fillet of Atlantic salmon presented with refreshing crème fraiche sorbet and cucumber and finished with lemon oil and pomegranate. (gf)

£7.95 -

Guinea Fowl

Pressed confit fowl with goose liver and hibiscus jelly served with an assiette of apple sorbet, salad and gel. (gf)

£8.95 -


Lightly hay smoked breast with granola, quail egg, cornichon pearls, pickled shimeji, carrot, port gel and blackberries. (gf option available)

£8.95 -


Pork & foie gras croquette with apple sauce, pea humus, crackling popcorn, celeriac and Serrano ham.

£8.95 -

Goats Cheese

Coated in nut brumbs with an assiette of raw and marinated vegetables topped with quail egg. (v) (gf)

£7.95 -


Mousse with a beetroot salad and blue stilton, balsamic walnuts and watercress. (v) (gf)

£7.95 -

Main Course


Lemon Sole

Roasted fillet with nero braised squid, green vegetables, saffron potatoes and shellfish veloute. (gf)

£17.95 -

Sea Bass

Pan fried fillet with sweet and sour cucumber ribbons, miso cappucino, young carrots, crispy sushi rice and sweet soy sauce. (gf)

£17.95 -


Roasted fillet with cannellini beans , brassica vegetables and carrot finished chorizo foam and basil gnocchi (gf)

£17.95 -

Jersey Beef

Fillet A' la plancha served with dripping potatoes, assiette of roasted vegetables and cranberry jus. (add prawns for a surf & turf - £3.00) (gf)

£22.95 -


Breast of gressingham duck served with Burgundy shallot, root vegetables, pomme fondant and Glenmorangie jus.

£17.95 -


Roasted rack with Dijon mustard and herb crust served with crispy leg rillette, hash brown cake, sweet and tangy confit carrot, young leek, coffee emulsion and lemon oil. (gf)

£17.95 -


Red lentil and coconut dahl served with crispy vegetable samosa and finished with a coriander drizzle. (v) (gf)

£15.95 -


Caramelised potato and spinach press with exotic mushroom compote, tomato, aubergine crisp, black truffle, aromatic herbs and wild mushroom bisque. (v)

£15.95 -


The Classic roasted fillet of beef for two persons to share served with a vegetables bouquetèrie, béarnaise & Madeira sauce. (gf)

£60.00 -




Dark chocolate ganache with Jersey yoghurt sorbet, confit lime zest, clementine gel and orange crisp. (gf)

£6.95 -

Riz au Lait

Classic baked vanilla scented rice pudding with prune jam and finished with coffee ice cream. (gf).

£6.95 -


parfait with chocolate cremeaux, crostillant, caramel sauce and pineapple bits. (gf)

£6.95 -


Classic creme brulee served with a variation of black berries.

£6.95 -

Ice cream

Selection of ices with rich chocolate sauce or sorbets.

£6.95 -


Selection of British, Continental and Artisan cheeses from the trolley.

Selection of 4 £6.95 - Selection of 6 £9.45 - Selection of 8 £10.95

Dessert Wines & Ports


Muscat, Beaumes de Venise NV


500ml Bottle £29.95 - Glass £8.00 -

Black Muscat, Elysium 2011


375ml Bottle £24.50 - Glass £7.50 -

Orange Muscat & Flora, Brown Brothers 2011


375ml Bottle £18.95 - Glass £6.75 -

Port Selection

Six Grapes £3.95 / Grahams LBV £3.95 / Fine Tawny £3.65 / 20 Year Old Tawny £6.95
Cockburns Vintage £7.45 / Grahams 2007 £9.45


Please ask for the liqueuer listing